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About Us

BPI provides professional oversight and services for a variety of construction projects from onset to completion. BPI connects our team of subcontractors with our customers, manages the quality and timeliness of the work performed, offers budgetary guidance, and works to ensure that every client is happy with the outcome of their project.
Grant Condo

Whether you are looking to revive an outdated interior or exterior space, or simply refinish your floors, we cover a wide range of renovations and upgrades for your home.

With any full remodel or addition, there are always challenges. With our highly experienced 

architects and engineers, we are able to take on the most 

difficult projects and create our customer's dream.

Clackamas Loss 2020


Because we dispose of our own debris, we are able to maximize our recycling by separating our loads. This also lets us stay compliant with all lead and asbestos regulations. 

Many of our repairs are from improper installation of windows and siding which leads to water intrusion.

We also work extensively on projects involving appliance failures which lead to water permeation, causing varying surface damages.

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